We meet again…

After beginning on this while weight loss journey again, it’s now been a month and I feel better than ever! 

I have taken it pretty easy walking between 3-5kms for 5x days and then doing a circuit work out. 

I’ve changed my rating to a more 80/20 approach. I tend to find if I restrict myself too severely I fail within the first 2 weeks.  I know that I can have my ice cream after dinner but I am now making sure that my training is still going strong. I’ve also been making just smarter choices when I eat.  I love, love, love a hamburger and chips! YUM! But I don’t want the white potato chips because I am having bread and I know that carbs like that,just don’t work for me. So instead I’ve been having homemade burgers with homemade sweet potato chips!  

Since it’s nearing the end of the month I thought I would jump on the scale and see if anything has changed.  My husband swears he can see it although I am not sure. 

But I hopped on, measured my weight and body fat percentage and both have come down slightly. 2.5kgs and 1.5%! Small victory but I am happy with that. My husband kindly reminded me that a 2.5kg bag of potatos is not light and that any progress is great. 

I am committed to not failing this year and if that means small steps I am all for it! 



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