Sunday 👣

After 2 5km walks this week I wanted to try a 10km. I was smashing these in the mid of last year completing the big 1 0 in under 2 hours and wanted to see if I could kee going.  

Good news is I could, bad news is I am feeling it now. 

I walked the fernleigh track in Newcastle, which is a massive walk through from Adamstown to Belmont (15kms). It used to be an old rail line and you even go through the tunnel. It’s a beautiful walk and you do forget your waking through towns. 

It’s my goal to eventually walk the whole way (30kms) there and back. 

My best waking companion accompanied me today, we did need to have a couple of breaks along the way, she is 8 (approx 56 in dog years) and she smashed it, although she is still asleep now! It’s 3pm, we finished at 12 😃


I hope everyone has had a great weekend 


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