Sushi 🍣 

I am trialling some lunch box ideas for my son when he starts kindy, he is not a sandwich everyday type of kid.  

He loves sushi and I thought it might be a good idea to make some for lunches and some rice paper rolls.  

He normally only gets cucumber and carrot sushi so that’s what I made.

Gotta love Coles everything was there. 

It is pretty easy to make. 

A few tips I found online

  • Use sun rice sushi rice – its is perfect  – wait for the rice to cool completely before rolling 
  • Make sure your rice is thin – if it’s too thick you can’t use too much filling as it won’t stick well
  • Use sushi seasoning.  This comes in a liquid form and you mix it through the rice. 
  • Cover you bamboo roller in glad wrap/cling film 
  • Don’t overfill your sushi
  • If you slice it, use a wet knife 

It was a hit and is almost all gone.  From 3 nori sheets I got about 15-18 slices of sushi!



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