MOVIE RANT ~ The Twilight Saga

Okay, so as sagas’ go, not that great! Numerous issues with all movies.  and yes this is just a rant post but i have to get it off my chest – and whilst i am ranting about it, here i am watching the first movie on Netflix.

The books were actually pretty good, so i don’t see why they changed things around.  I get that they do it for all movies, but by doing that they cut out so much.  What about Bella taking care of Charlie, she cooks dinner every night, what about the romance that forms between Bella & Edward, what about all the nights together in her room, watching movies in the lounge room with Charlie,  yes there was an instant connection but there is also romance.

For me, Kristen Stewart is not Bella, the book Bella, is great, where as movie Bella, has one look and doesn’t even appear to like Edward or have any personality! Like come on!  Book Bella is also smart, where is that in the movies, and the whole love triangle thing, poorly portrayed in the movie, there is just so much missing!  Bella is meant to be the amazing, beautiful girl who doesn’t realise how amazing she is and well movie Bella is just well a bore.

Robert Pattison is also not Edward – Edward is this amazing, protective, loyal, self assured man, whilst movie Edward, is a nervous, fumbling fool most of the time, he doesn’t come across smart or anything!

Whilst i do enjoy the movies and will happily sit and watch (although I know it doesn’t sound like it) but watching it tonight has really made me angry 🙂

Whilst writing, I am now planning on re-reading the series, so please expect more blog posts about my pet hate!



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