So this week I have made some big life choices, I am walking away from a job and possible career to focus on being a parent. 

In this age where women have opportunities and careers and a life outside the home- all I want is to be is a soccer mum! 

The whole 1950’s ideal women of the wife and mother who supports her family by staying home and taking care of the home and her husband and kids has always been my life dream even if it is naive and outdated. 

Sometimes I feel silly for this dream and I have received some puzzling looks and have been told I am silly but it hasn’t changed the way I feel.

Currently I am doing 3 jobs I work 70% I do my husbands book work for his business 20% and then my family get 10%. 

I didn’t realise that I would feel like I was missing so much of my sons life until he began crying when I told him I couldn’t take him to karate.  His words to me affected me more than I thought they would.  

But mum you never see me at karate! 

Not a bad statement, it wasn’t hurtful or mean – he is 5 – he meant nothing more than I don’t see him at karate and it got me! My heart instantly sank and my eyes filled with tears. It had broken my heart. 

And while it probably shouldn’t it did and I can’t change it. 

I have been anxious, stressed and generally unhappy for a little while and it is no way to live. 

I have made the decision and while not working may not be forever I am looking forward to the time I get to focus on my family and myself ! 



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