It’s almost here – 6 weeks! 

I am a huge fan of everything holiday – I have specific storage boxes and decorations and bits and bobs for all of them ! Christmas is a huge one for me and has some very sentimental memories. 

Since we have made the move back to NSW from Perth – I have been so excited to be able to have family over for this holiday ! 

I have nearly every decoration you could imagine, dinner ware, serving sets, wine glasses and all the little trimmings ! 

I’m obsessed!! Over 9 years with my partner we have accumulated a vast Christmas range and I add to it every year!  

I love to (and have a strong need) to make sure that anyone that comes to our house to celebrate has a great time and that it feels different to any other dinner. 

Dinners are normally a 3 to 5 course meal with tonnes of food, sweets and drinks ! 

This year I also get to do a breakfast/brunch and am so excited planning that menu! 

This years special purchases were seat covers and cutlery holders! I am also super excited as I have ordered my wine bottle holders and they are adorable 

I am super sorry for all the upcoming Christmas posts – but this is the time of year I love! 



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