Well I have smashed out 2x awesome (not killer) but pretty good cardio work outs over the weekend! Something I haven’t even tried in 2 1/2 months (give or take). 

I am pretty proud of my self! Even though today’s started off with some tears! I had been for a 20 minute walk with my son and pup (nothing to strenuous) got home and continued on the treadmill, I hit the 700m mark, about 3 songs in and decided to kick the speed up! Played my favourite song at the moment and ran like there was a zombie chasing me! Halfway through I though I was sweating horribly only to realise I was crying ! My head was telling me to stop, slow down and breathe but my heart and feet were telling me ” don’t worry you’ve got this” and i did! 

My workout continued for another half an hour after that 😃 

Back at it and can’t wait for tomorrow! 



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