Back in the saddle….again! 

I am officially back at it! I didn’t realise you could fall so much so quickly! Things just spiral out of control and you cannot do anything to stop it! 

My husband was recently away for 3 weeks, I pride myself on my ability as a parent and an independent woman that I can take care of myself and my son without the help of my hubby – although it makes a massive difference. 

No massive breakdowns but working full time taking care of him, our house, our dog and family obligations took over (not to mention me being sick then my son being horribly sick) mistakes are easily made. 

I have been so hard on my self for letting it go but I had nothing left in me at all. I was running on below empty.  

My whole body felt the change this time – I felt lazier because I was being lazy, motivation was harder to find and my body was craving bad food. 

In an act of desperation, feeling like a failure and so scared to fail once more I went to my GP, he set me up on a care plan and once hubby was back I went for my first appointment! I will write a seperate post about that 😃 

It’s so easy to fall apart and break down, and when life becomes on crazy hectic blur little things get put aside- if your a mum this normally means “you” time. 

I am glad to say I am back at it now, very slowly  – but I have now failed so many times I don’t care how long it takes as long as I get there 



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