The things we missed…

Well, we missed them in the movie version anyway!! 

  1. The reconciliation between Percy and and the Weasleys! In the movies he is just there you don’t hear a great deal about the falling out and then he is just back ! What about the I’m sorry moment! 
  2. Colin Creaveys Death!! Like come on seriously!! I know we couldn’t have any more death in the hallows but, he was brave! 
  3. Hermoine and Ron!! Their love! It happens over time, and develops and is described! It doesn’t happen at the end like the movie! 
  4. Nevilles Parents! The meeting at St Mungos and the Lolly wrappers 
  5. St Mungos! 
  6. Nevilles Gran! 
  7. Harry giving Fred & George his tri wizard winnings! 
  8. Death day Party ! 
  9. Filch being a squib. 
  10. Squibs in general
  11. Rita skeeter being an unregistered animagious
  12. Luna’s art
  13. Kreacher actually acknowledging Harry as his master! 
  14. Dumbledore’s funeral! 
  15. Dudleys goodbye! 

1-15 listed above !!! More to follow 



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