following on from an earlier post, I thought I would write more about something that I struggle with in a day to day basis. 

PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome! Basically you don’t ovulate and the eggs stay on your ovaries as little water filled cysts. I have been told they do not hurt if they burst. You can have the cysts without having he syndrome and vice versa. 

Some of the symptoms are, heavy and irregular periods, acne, infertility, bad period pain, extra hair growth, weight gain, dark patches of skin – the list is actually pretty long. 

Me personally, I got all of the good ones ! 

  • Weight gain – I gained about 15 kgs in 18 months. 
  • Hair growth – most noticeably my upper lip, 3 rounds of IPL later and lots of $$$$ (IPL wasn’t as cheap when I started the first round) now it’s pretty much gone
  • Period Pain – when I actually did get my period, it was horrific, child birth and labour is nothing compared the to the pain I had, I would have to take such strong pain relief to even function, but they would make me so groggy so I would feel no pain but I would be so spaced out 
  • Heavy periods – another thing that costs an arm and leg, the amount of money I spent of sanitary products! I should have had shares in them. 
  • Although I will never know for sure, I was told at 19 I would never have children naturally. Not only did I not ovulate but my eggs were also pretty crapt! Let’s say their the one the farmers throw away!
  • Insulin resistance!  This is the best one to have! Not only does my ovaries not work properly but now my body doesn’t deal with sugar like it should! 

You don’t realise how much your hormones effect you until they don’t work. Not only has my PCOS effected me in the ways above, but it’s also added to my anxiety, I’ve dealt with anxiety and depression for a good part of my teen and adult years, for most of them, but it always gets worse when my hormones go out of balance, which although is a curse is also a blessing because I have a great support system and know what’s happening and can get help for it. 

I’ve tried all sorts of contraception for my PCOS, as this can sometimes help, the needle, the pill, I was too scared to have the implant, but when with the mirena and have found that it works for me well. I do know some people with PCOS and it didn’t work for them, but when your battling with something like this, find what works for you and stick with it! 

I have had so much support around me throughout my battle with this, however some women don’t get this. Which is a shame and I think all people should realise how common these issues are becoming and how hard it is to overcome them! I know I was embarrassed to talk to the dr when my symptoms got bad at the start and I  realised there was something wrong! 

We need to talk about it! We need to help each other and support one another to overcome this, there may never be a cure but hopefully if everyone works together people will be able to manage it better 😃 



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