Back to Basics!! 

When I hurt my back recently I was gutted! My lower back occasionally hurts ever since the birth of my son!! Yay to a breach baby!! But it’s manageable and I adapt my work outs to it. 

Since the last time I have had it play up badly twice and to be honest I am scared to get back into the level of exercise i was doing before the injury. 

So I’m going back to basics. Walking and jogging ( or maybe it is jogging I think the j is silent) ! Sorry for that! I spend 30-40 mins on the treadmill a day, sometime more depending on what time of the day plus I have been added in some stretches to help my back out! 

After having 2 weeks out of action my body was pretty reluctant to do it but it’s getting easier and I am adding more jogging in as it gets easier. 

I am thankful for my treadmill as its dark by the time I get home! It makes working out easier. 

Fingers crossed all goes well 



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