My Journey 💪🏼 the start! 

So, growing up I was pretty active a size 8 at age 17, pretty happy with life.  Then my ovaries and hormones decided to declare war and its been one ever since.
 In the space of a year I gained 13kgs! Didn’t think too much of it, it didn’t go past 69kgs so I wasn’t concerned. 

I did try to lose weight for my wedding managing to get down to 63kgs and when I fell pregnant I was 65kg.  

On the day I went into labour I weighed in at 82.5kgs. 

A week later I was 72kgs. That’s manageable. I worked hard and got down to 68. 

We then moved back to NSW from WA and I was 74.  This was March last year. 

At Christmas I weighed in and was 86kgs.  More than I was at full term with my son. I became depressed, I was shocked, upset and confused.  I didn’t know how that had happened.  My diet hadn’t changed- but my hormones did.  

I battle with PCOS and I thought this was under control but there was a zag in the road and my weight paid the toll. 
Over the last 8 months I have managed to lose 8 kgs. It has been up and down and not as steady as I would like but it’s finally turning around. 

I now enjoy the exercise and find myself looking forward to it! 

My husband has been super supportive even getting up with me at 5am to make sure I am up and working out.  

The weight gain has effected my life in ways I never thought it would, or could! 

But I’m seeing a light and the tunnel doesn’t seem so scary! 



4 thoughts on “My Journey 💪🏼 the start! 

  1. fitnessgrad says:


    Pleasure to meet you and thank you for taking time to visit my blog page and having a follow. I am eager to continue reading about the different things happening in your life and health journey! Hope that my page will serve of interest to you.


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