So I know I haven’t shared very much about myself, but this is something that I want to do but am struggling; the reason I started this blog, was to have an outlet, some where to express my feelings, to chronicle my weight loss and lifestyle changes without everyone I know, knowing it was me writing.

I am an anxious person, I cannot control it, it is just me, so the thought of sharing my whole like with people i don’t know really scares me, it was an incredibly big jump for me to start this blog and now that i have, I am pretty excited.  As I am writing this, I am eating dinner at my desk and watching the Intern on Netflix.

A little bit about me;

  • I’m 27
  • I live in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales – a truly beautiful place, although it did take 8 years in Perth for me to notice.
  • I was married at 21 and had our first child at 22 – so I’ve been married for almost 6 years and my son is almost 5
  • My bestest (i know that it is not a word) friend in the whole world is my dog – I do also have human besties, but they are no competition for my puppy!
  • I love the colour purple
  • I crave adventure and good food.
  • I love camping and being outdoors (another reason i want to be more active)
  • I also love being indoors and reading
  • I lost my best friend and a truly remarkable girl, 5 months before my wedding, she was just 21
  • I have not gotten over the loss of her. I do not think I ever will.
  • My bucket list is simple.
  • My ultimate travel dream is England!
  • I love Henry Viii, all of his wives (although Anne Boleyn is my fave – not for the reasons a lot of people think), I also love Marie Antoinette & Marilyn Monroe.
  • I can be shy – although my friends would not agree (purely because I like them so I am not shy with them)
  • I strive for perfection and am disappointed, disheartened and so many other emotions when I do not get there.
  • I am paranoid and constantly worried about what other people think.
  • I know that I am loved but sometimes forget it!

This is a little bit of me – I promise I am not as high maintenance as I sound!



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