Back at it!! 

Back at it today, a nice casual stroll this morning and then a bit faster in the treadmill this evening!! 

The walk this morning, easy! 

Tonght! Not so much!! I was pumped to do it but after 5 mins I struggled! That’s when the guilty pleasures come out! LOUDLY!! 

I smashed out 35 mins walking at 8kms ! Which even though isn’t much, I am pretty happy with it since I haven’t done a lot since I hurt my back! 

But, while we are talking about guilty pleasures? What’s yours ?? Mine is embarrassingly One Direction! And yes I know their not coming back from their “hiatus” I know it’s forever but still, their for me what Wham was for my mum!!  

I am sorry not sorry! But their albums can pick up my mood, and they helped me through tonight when I wanted to stop and quit! I kept going and busted through the time I wanted to do (I had only planned a 20 min walk) but I kept going! 

What’s your guilty pleasure ??? Let me know ! 



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