The Most Happy πŸ‘‘ Anne & I – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2! 

So, where we left off in the last post was that Katherine of Aragon, Queen of England, the true and lawful wife of Henry Viii was going through the worst period of her life, which unfortunately would continue. 

Henry was determined to end this “false” marriage and begin again with his sweetheart Anne. Anne consumed Henry, he was infatuated, obsessed even, he had to have her unfortunately for Henry, Anne’s will, much like Katherine’s was solid and she would not give in to the King with no return, she would not be his whore, his mistress, she would be his queen or nothing at all. 

Either you love me, or not at all. 

Either you have me, or not at all. 

Either I am yours, or I am nobodies 

– The Other Boleyn Girl

Anne was the outward opposite to Katherine. Anne was outspoken, independent and passionate where as Katherine was submissive and pious. She did not openly or publicly disagree with the King, she respected her husband and although on private she would address her concerns and beliefs, she conformed to his will. Anne would not do this, she challenged the King, openly, especially when it came to religion. 

At first Henry was drawn to Anne because of this, in the end he would resent her for it and it would be her undoing. She simply reached to high. 

They were married in 1533, after Henry had split from the Roman church and created the Church of England, he had abandoned a good woman whose only crime was to love too much and not give the King a living son. 

Anne was named and queen and was already 6 months pregnant when her coronation was held!  

She reigned as queen for 3 years until the Kings eye moved onto another! 

Her motto was the most happy – well as history would show this did not last long. 


There will of course be more to follow! 

I apologise if I have repeated my self above 🌸


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