August Favourites πŸ’œ

So a few things that I am loving on this month include:

  • Bonta Vera – a beautiful 100% vegan cafe in Minmi, near Newcastle NSW! The food is absolutely amazing. Service is wonderful, great atmosphere and did I mentioned the food? 
  • Rimmel Scandleyes Mascara!! Love it! Full, thick, dark lashes! And the one I have is waterproof! 
  • Zumba Step!! I love it! It is such a good workout and different to any step class I have ever done!! 
  • Womens Weekly Almost Vegetarian Cookbook! I mean all women’s weekly cookbooks are phenomenal but I love their new ones! Such a good selection of recipes !! 
  • Apple Music! I love music! Absolutely for me there is nothing else! Apple Music is perfect for me, I have a very broad taste in music and to have anything I could possibly want at my fingertips is just blissful! Plus my son love thes variety of kids songs on there!



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