Birthday Blues

So, today is my birthday and for the first time since I can remember I am not super excited! And I love birthdays, I love makin a fuss, celebrating people and making them feel special. But today not so much. 

Generally in the lead up to my birthday I have given my husband a list of presents and have planned out exactly what I want to do, this year I was more than happy to let it go, but I have a beautiful family and there was some fuss made!  I love those people! We had a beautiful roast lunch and a delicious caramel mouse cake. It was lovely. 

I am not sure why this year I have the birthday blues but I do, it’s not a milestone birthday or anything special, just another year. Maybe it’s because I am not where I thought I’d be or something. 

The thing is though, life is pretty good (except for the current back pain), I have a beautiful family, a loving and supportive husband, and happy and healthy little boy and a dog that loves to cuddle.  What more could you ask for in life really?? 

Hopefully this feeling will pass (fingers crossed it goes quickly) ! 



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