Burn Out or Refuel? 

I do not know how people do this whole life thing! It is crazy! How do people work full time, have kids, have a clean house and maintain relationships with friends and family! 

I work full time, I leave the house at 730am and get back home at 6pm! A normal day for me goes as follows;

  • 5am get up
  • 530am workout 
  • 630 breakfast with my son and get ready for work
  • 710am getting to the car to leave 
  • 730am I am on my way to work after dropping my son at school. 
  • 830am-5pm at work
  • 540pm I get home 
  • 610pm dinner 
  • After dinner I normally do some work for my husband and spend some time with my son. It’s then time to chill out, have a shower, have a cup of tea and relax before bed. Plus there is a bit of house work thrown in there! 

It’s crazy. I feel like I am going all the time, which is normal For everyone especially when you have children and work but you do need a rest every now and then. 

Wednesday and Thursday this week were hard for me, I had zero motivation I didn’t want to do anything! But I still did, my workouts I will admit were a little slacker than normal but takeaway I did one! 

I am really lucky that I had booked some annual leave for this weekend so I get 4 days off! Which I have absolutely no plans for! It felt great today! Went walking along the beach (in the rain) then had a wonderful lunch at Bonta Vera! 

What more could a girl want – fingers crossed, I can relax and I can refuel! 



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