This morning was hard. I got up at 5 like I have been for the past few weeks and had nothing! Literally I had nothing, it was an effort to put on my gym pants ! I had my prework as usual and went to work off my extra kgs! I felt like I was going to die! 

I did a very simple cardio workout and only did it for 30 mins ! My normally work out each morning is cardio with strength for around 45! and today I couldn’t do. I could not muster the strength to keep going! 

It’s a vicious cycle isn’t it? I am so used to working out each day when I don’t do it I feel crapty ! Which I feel now even though I physically had nothing going for me this morning. 

Hopefully this goes away and I can get back to training and increasing it.  

What do you guys do to keep yourself motivated even when you don’t want to move ? 



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