Books VS Movies

The timeless battle!

We all know that books are better than movies. I know I have never seen a movie based on a book and left saying WOW THAT WAS SO MICH BETTER THEN THE BOOK

A lot gets left out, books contain so much more detail and description that if they were to put all of that into a movie, the movie would be 6 hours long.

My gripe recently was Harry Potter – to be clear I am a fan of both movie and book. I have been listening to the audio books, which by the way are amazing. But I haven’t read the books in years I have although watched a lot of the movies! I didn’t realise how much stuff was missed out of the movies, whilst the movies flowed well and I enjoy them, I’ve found a lot of connections that have been missed (to be discussed in another post).

It got me thinking about other books that miss out on so much when translated to the screen:

  • The divergent series
  • All of Nicholas Sparks
  • My sisters keeper (how can they change the entire ending)
  • Fifty shades of grey
  • The hunger games – although these were pretty good

There’s just a few – while I am positive nothing will ever change, it erks me!

If you’ve got a movie that didn’t live up to the written version – let me know!