The Opposite of a Green Thumb πŸŒ±

So… Whilst on a trip for groceries I got a few potted herbs thinking what I great idea it would be to have my own herb garden. In theory yes, in practice no. 

I got mint, parsley, corriander and basil. 

All was going swimmingly until the mint started to fall over and go limp and die. Then the basil, then the parsley and corriander. 

Slowly I was killing all of herbs. But I am determined not to let that happen.  I went to Bunnings got a massive pot and some potting mix. Feeling like I was going to kill them all or succeed I optimistically got 2 more herbs, this time thyme and oregano. 

I got home and set the pot up, watered the mix waited a little bit and replanted the herbs! 

The mint is stating to look better but I am not sure about the others, there is still a chance we could lose them. 

I am determined to make them better and succeed in my new little challenge! 

Wish me luck!! 




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