So Bright & Pleasant ๐Ÿ‘‘ Anne & I – Part 1

Anne Boleyn. 

Henry VIII’s second wife

The marquess of Pembroke 

Beheaded for treason & adultery

Mother of Elizabeth I 

These are facts about a very unique and misrepresented woman. 

Even Anne’s date of birth is disputed, although more than likely around 1500 & 1501, this is the time that is mostly used in many biographies. This date would make Anne 35-36 at the time of her death.  She had held he love of the King for almost 10 years, and been queen for 3! 

I find her so bright and pleasant for her young age that I am more beholden to you for sending her to me than you are to me.

โ€” Archduchess Margaret of Austria

Anne’s biggest problem, from what I can see is her passion. She loved passionately, she hated passionately. She was passionate about religion and education. She was a smart, driven young woman and this would ultimately be her down fall.  

The King for his part, was also a passionate man, for me Henry seems to have had an addictive personality – he would be addicted to things – he was also a spoilt prince, he came to power in the prime of his youth and was used to having his way, in all things.  He liked his women submissive and obedient. 

However when his first marriage failed to please him and give him what he wanted a son – he looked elsewhere, the problem for Henry was that if he did have an illegitimate son (he had one already) he could not put that child on the throne without the risk of civil war, something Henry’s father had been involved with.  War, well within his own country would not happen again. He would not let it. Henry needed a legitimate male heir to succeed him, his daughter Mary, could not rule in her own right, as Henry saw it as she was a woman! 

So Henry’s only route was to annul his first wife and marry again, however this also was not without its issues, the King and queen had been married for the better part of 3 decades, if the marriage itself was initially invalid the time they had been man and wife certainly made it valid now.  Also the determination and strength of Kathrine, seems to have also been overlooked.  She was Queen. Simple. She had been queen for most of her life, she was raised, in Spain, to be queen of England. This role she would not abandon.  

This is Part One – more to follow 



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