Liquid Lunch!?

And not the bubbly kind. 

Has anyone tried meal replacement shakes? Do they work? I have read so many mixed reviews, I am not sure what I know now. Recently I have lost my appetite completely. Something which is very odd for me (I love food) and I know skipping meals in terrible for weight loss so I thought maybe why not? I love milkshakes? What could be so bad? 

I have tried shakes in the past but never found a flavour I liked or the texture made me ill so I was a little hesitant at first. 

But today I did it. 

 Breakfast has always been the worst for me, I cannot seem to eat it or it’s very rare that I do and sometimes I am not organised enough for lunches. 

I had 2x shakes today and then a normal dinner.  I will admit I stuffed the first shake horribly, I did not put enough milk, but the second was delicious.  I use coconut milk or soy milk as I am lactose intolerant.  I also used the celebrity slim shakes! 

Wish me luck for tomorrow ! 


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