Battle of the bulge 

So, I think that every New Years resolution I have made in the last 4 years has included “lose 20kgs”

This year however I was determined! I jumped on the scales at Christmas and I weighed more than I did the day I gave birth to my first child! I couldn’t believe it. I was determined to lose the weight and start again! 

Well it started off okay, but then something happens, this comes up, you get sick, you have to do that and suddenly you back to square one! How do people stay motivated! 

I work full time plus help my husband with his work and being a parent and wife – I want to spend time with my family and sometimes feel guilty when I don’t, where can exercise possibly fit in, and this is a struggle I have been having for the past 7 months and am still battling with daily! Life gets in the way.   I think today was the first time ever that I actually continued with my fitness rather than attend to a few remaining items at home (which on the end I got all but one done after was 8km walk)

So now I have been working out constantly during the evenings after work, I have even started walking in my lunch break 4 days a week – but is it enough? 

When I get home after work I am exhausted, I have wife and mum things to do plus exercise there are some days I just don’t want to. So I have decided that in order to reach my goal I need to get up at 5am! There’s one of them in the morning too! 

This for me seems like the better option, it leaves my evenings free and I can chuck in an extra workout if I need one.

 What could possibly go wrong??

Oh yeah, it’s winter, at 5am the sun isn’t up and it’s cold. This will make it harder. 

But I am determine to complete my goal! 

I am lucky – I have a great support team who want me to succeed. 

I will blog about the progress 😃

See you at 5am! 


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