A new way to think about fitness. 

I have always loved Zumba, when I first found it in 2012 I fell in love. 

The fast pace, loud music, and somewhat easy routines. 

Last year I found the new program from Zumba, “incredible results” which featured the riser, a round step which was used during the work out. I love step classes and aerobics – for me it’s a great fit. 

The program includes many DVDs and work out options including a super cardio party, which involves high intensity cardio bursts which put the heart rate up – and to be honest you feel it.

Other workout DVDs include, Quick Start + 20-Minute Express plus 30-Minute Burn + Amazing Abs

The step workout is a great workout, they are easy to follow routines and once you get the hang of it you’ll be dancing and shaking the calories off! 


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