Kiss, Marry, Kill – I



You have to kiss one, marry one and kill one – go!


Well, that seems to have been the motto of Henry VIII.

6 wives, six very different women with six very different fates!

I can pinpoint the moment my fascination with Henry and his women began.  It was 2009 I was watching ” The Other Boleyn Girl” which is a movie based on the historical fiction novel of the same name, by Phillipa Gregory.

I remember sitting there watching this movie thinking to myself (and at sometimes out loud) this cannot seriously have happened! And whilst some of it is purely fictional and we have no way of knowing some of the key points  are accurate! I was enraptured, entranced by the life of Henry – and the simple fact that Henry became a ruthless truant and dictator but still families threw their daughters at him, hoping to gain his favor.

There was many people who held this favor, for a time, but as quickly as it came as quickly it could leave. There was only one way to please this King and only one way to keep his favour and his love – give the King an heir! A fete that seemed impossible to most women who shared his bed – with only 2 women ever succeeding in this task.  The first being his mistress Elizabeth (Bessie) Blout who gave the King his first, illegitimate, son Henry Fitzroy, who the King would later give titles and rank. The second was Jane Seymour, the Kings third wife, she gave Henry his most beloved and cherished son Edward, one day this baby would succeed his father and take the throne and be King.

One thing we will never know is if Jane would retain this love and attention for ever. It is quite possible that her favor would never end, Henry believed that his first 2 marriages were invalid as those wives never gave him an heir, this child validated everything that Henry believed. He was right to rid himself of the former queens – he had his queen and a legitimate heir, surely more sons would follow. This was not to be, queen Jane died 12 days after the birth of this blessed child. After giving the King his most prized wish the queen unfortunately did not get to enjoy and bathe in her glory.
As you can see – I love the Tudors! More to follow – this is only part one!


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