Music – I

Music for me always seems to answer any questions I may have, its an escape. It really doesn’t matter what mood I find myself in, I always find a song to fit.

Apple Music – well – simply – I love it! Such a convenient app for me, I listen to music constantly and now i get full access into the apple music library. I can create playlists, listen to pre-made playlists or just listen… Fits my life perfectly.

” I cant explain, but I’ll find a song that can…”

Tonight’s playlist is a mix of perfect songs. Thanks to a pre-made playlist I got the gems;

  • Jewel – Who Will Save Your Soul
  • Paula Cole – I Don’t Want to Wait
  • Marc Cohn – Walking in Memphis

I have also listened to the original 1985 Cast of Les Miserable soundtrack, Colm Wilkinson, what a strange husky voice, that absolutely nails each performance.

Some of the other treats featured tonight include;

  • Scream – Billy Idol
  • I’m on Fire – Bruce Springsteen
  • Black & Blue – Guy Sebastian
  • Fast Car – Tracey Chapman
  • Fire & Rain – James Taylor

You cannot really go wrong.  Another thing i love about music, you can be listening to the radio or an old CD and “that” song comes on and you are suddenly transported back 10 years into what seems like another lifetime and another version of you!

That’s all I’ve got for now!

Thanks for tuning in



p.s Thanks to Google Images for the above mentioned quote. 


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